Saturday, November 26, 2016

Musical Wonders And Curiosities: The Sugar Ponies!

By Elissa Rosenthal

Two weeks ago I was contacted through twitter by the band called The Sugar Ponies. I was asked to watch their music video on their song "Give This Girl a Break", the link for which I will provide HERE , and to give some constructive feedback. In reply I checked them out and found that I love their sound. Then, given that they asked me to give some criticism, I felt compelled to. I respect the ability to put yourself out there and ask outsiders their opinions so you can become better, and I encourage my audience to do the same with my posts as they see fit. As I have said at the end of every post I want the comments section to be a conversation where opposing ideas can be discussed in a civilized manner. 

Given that the music video I watched was their very first music video it is completely understandable why some improvements could have been made, all of which I told the band through my twitter response. They were very polite and thanked me for the criticism I provided and were lovely people to talk to even during the brief conversation we had through twitter. Heart emojis abound! So, since they were being so nice and I was starting to look more into their music I asked on twitter if I could do a post about them and here we are! They thanked me for asking and said yes! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ ๐Ÿ’—

The Sugar Ponies are an indie band with a blend of rock, pop, country, and folk sound. They are based in San Francisco and produced their first album in 2009 called I Better Better. They have recently released their new album It's A Sign which is available to purchase on their website, HERE . The new album, according the bio page on the, The Sugar Ponies website, is produced by Ed Stasium, a big league in the producing industry, having worked with the Ramones, Talking Heads, the Smithereens, and Living Colour.

Their sound is unique and their lyrics pull you in. The vocalist, Suzanne Kramer, has a pretty, yet mature tone while singing which creates an atmosphere where you can lay back, relax, and enjoy a cup of tea. My favorite song right now of theirs is their song "Lately", link HERE . The percussion and stings are showcased so perfectly in this song I find myself wanting to do a little jig. The guitarist, Michael McGovern and vocalist, Suzanne Kramer have been together since 2004 and take inspiration from several different musical artists and it shows. 

There of course are other members in the band who are incredibly talented as well. These people are, Kenny Aronoff, Jason Slota, Tim Vaughan, Aaron Leigh, Jamie White, Tony Glaser, Austin de Lone, Ed Stasium, Danny Allen, and Rebecca Roudman. 

I highly recommend looking at their music and following them on their twitter @sugarponies !

A giant thank you to the band, The Sugar Ponies, for allowing me to post about their band! I hope they go far and do enormously well with this new album release!

I am not sponsored by The Sugar Ponies, this post was done purely out of my love for their music. 

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